Judging Wheat Beers

In this post, you will find the different metrics used to rate wheat beers. This will be used as a guideline to formulate thoughts while not being too distracted by the awesomeness of certain wheat beers. Do you feel that we should be looking at other categories or feel that we are missing something? Please leave a comment or reach out to us.

Listed below are some categories that will be acknowledged during the rating process of new wheat beers. There is no single standard that is determined to be the “best”, but comments will be broken up by these categories.

Consuming Experience:

  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Taste (Obviously)
  • Texture
  • After taste

We also provide recommendations and suggestions for each beer. These can include garnishments, food pairings, glassware, temperature, pouring styles, and anything else the wheat beer community can think of. Note that we will be continually updating this page to incorporate more details, especially adhering to the master beer taster certification.

If you have a favorite wheat beer, please tell us about your experience. We love to hear from our community about what they like and dislike. Leave a comment below!


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