Pedernales Classic Hefeweizen

  • Origin: German
  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • BrandPedernales (Fredericksburg, TX)
  • Name: Classic hefeweizen
  • ABV: 5.2%, IBU: 14

1. Appearance

The first thing that I noticed was the high amounts of carbonation. The coloring was very clear, like a light beer, and although it was slightly wheat colored, it did not make me feel like I was drinking a wheat beer. There was a small, but perfect amount of foam and no signs of sediment.

2. Aroma

The smell of this beer was the best part about it. I loved the sweet aroma of oranges with a slight hint of banana. I was craving that first sip just from the fragrances.

3. Taste / After taste

The taste was rather complex at first. It intrigued my taste buds, but there was not much of a desirable after taste other than some bitterness. As I continued drinking, I noticed that the initial fruit taste began to slowly fade as I consumed the beer, which only left a strong taste of bitterness.

The bitterness and the sweetness did not merge together very well. The taste transitioned between the two harshly rather than in a smooth fashion.

4. Texture

The texture of this beer was almost absent. From texture alone, I could not distinguish this beer from a sub-par light beer. If the aroma wasn’t so strong and wonderful, I might have even thought that I was drinking a light beer.

5. Experience

The taste was complex enough to keep me interested, but nothing jumped out to make this beer special. About half way through the beer, my taste buds adapted to the fruity flavor, and left me with a beer that I was not excited about finishing. I could even taste a minor hint of the alcohol beyond the fruity flavor. Simply put, I am not craving another one of these beers.

6. Conclusion: 2 Stars

2 star

The aroma of this beer is absolutely delightful. Overall, the fruity flavor that was decent to begin with, slowly faded over time, which left an unappealing bitter taste. I just do not feel excited to drink another one of these beers which inexplicably leads me a two star rating.

 Have you tried Pedernales Hefeweizen before? Would you agree or disagree with the two star rating? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.