New Belgium Snapshot

  • Origin: Belgium
  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • Brand: New Belgium (Fort collins, CO)
  • Name: Snapshot
  • ABV: 5.0%, IBU: 13
  • “Snap! You just captured an unfiltered wheat beer full of refreshment and a smile-inducing flash of tart at the finish”

1. Appearance

Immediately upon pouring the beer, I noticed that the beer was a medium-light color with a relatively high amount of carbonation. There was a slight light white foam at the top with small amounts of sediment that could barely be seen.

The color was a light orangish-yellow at the bottom of the glass and it transitioned to a nearly perfect full bodied orange color at the top. Overall, the beer was slightly light, but came very close to the way a wheat beer should look.

2. Aroma

The smell consisted mainly of fresh lemons with a hint of fruit. Overall, the smell was rather mild, and nothing to get excited about as it was on the weaker side.

3. Taste / After taste

This well crafted wheat beer started out with a hint of sweetness, but then developed into a tart and tangy finish. The fuller bodied taste with malt from pale and wheat is definitely unique while the taste of the hybrid ale yeast immediately jumped onto my taste buds. It was less complex than other wheat beers, but the taste kept me interested.

The sour after taste was the one noticeable aspect that made this beer stick out. I loved the flash of tart which originated from the lactobacillus. The combination of the Cascade hops, tart after-taste, and the hint of fruitiness proved to be wonderful. The bitterness taste of the hops could be easily identified in addition to the citrus taste from the grains of paradise.

4. Texture

The texture was one that was lighter than a traditional heavier wheat beer, but noticeably something “more” than a light beer. Good, but not perfect.

5. Experience

The beer itself was not extremely flavorful, but it did a superb job of creating a very mellow taste that carried out to the rest of my body. It creates a sense of serenity as the tart after-taste goes down. I would set the drink down only to feel my taste buds salivating for another taste of tartness as if I was craving it.

6. Conclusion: 4 Stars

4 star

Originally, I was thinking this beer deserved a 3 because of the lack of sophisticated taste, but still definitely a solid wheat beer. However, this beer was bumped up +1 to a 4 because:

(a) the mellow taste/feeling of relaxation and peacefulness was one to be remembered

(b) the after taste was uniquely superb that left me craving more every time I set the beer down

A fantastic beer and great for those who either want a tangy after-taste or want to try a hybrid Belgium Hefeweizen that is not your standard wheat beer.

Add Lacto (souring bacteria) to a portion of the overall wort, which produces lactic acid that gives a characteristic sourness and mouthfeel. That acidic portion is then added to other portion of the wort that was fermented with the Ale yeast. So two worts – a sour and a regular – are blended together to make Snapshot.